Do you have a double chin you want to get rid of permanently? Medical Aesthetics of North Dallas can help. Kybella injections are the first and only FDA-approved treatment used to reduce the appearance of submental fat (chin fat) in men and women. A double chin is often difficult to improve even with healthy lifestyle changes, and can make an individual appear older and heavier. Kybella, a new double chin shot, is now available to patients in the Dallas, Frisco and Plano, Texas area.

How Kybella Injections Work

Over the years, double chin removal treatments were limited since submental fat has not been a widely treated cosmetic issue. Liposuction was the only way many men and women removed the unwanted fat. Thanks to Kybella injections it is now possible to get rid of a double chin and achieve a more contoured and slim look without surgery.

The active ingredient in Kybella injections is deoxycholic acid. This molecule is naturally occurring in the body and assists with the breakdown and absorption of fat. When the double chin shot is injected directly into submental fat, the fat cells are permanently destroyed and can no longer store or accumulate fat.

What to Expect During the Double Chin Shot Procedure

Kybella injections are a non-surgical procedure performed at Medical Aesthetics of North Dallas’ office. Before the double chin shots are administered, a trained member of our team will perform a thorough medical review and assess the submental fat.

After the review, injection boundaries while be drawn on the skin with a special grid. The temporary grid is then used to administer up to 50 tiny injections. The amount of Kybella injections vary depending on the severity of submental fat and desired outcome.

Most patients report only mild discomfort at the beginning of the procedure that subsides as the treatment progresses. After the double chin shot procedure, many patients find an over-the-counter pain reliever is adequate to relieve any pain and discomfort.

Kybella Injections Results

Most patients will begin to see reduced submental fat in 2-3 treatments. Up to 6 double chin shot treatments may be administered, which are spaced a month or more apart. Once the desired look is achieved, there is no need for another Kybella treatment since the fat cells are destroyed forever.

Kybella injections can help men and women get rid of a double chin for good. Contact the Medical Aesthetics of North Dallas office, located in the Dallas, Frisco and Plano, Texas area, for more information on this safe and effective double chin shot.