news_02Imagine throwing out your razor and never having to struggle with cuts, stubble and time consuming shaving ever again!   Laser Hair Removal  is a safe, efficient, effective way to significantly reduce hair regrowth and texture.

Using selective photothermolysis, the laser targets the hair shaft with a wavelength of light.  The heat generated by the laser damages and in many cases destroys the follicle, therefore stunting and minimizing growth.  This practice has been around since the 90s and has come a long way.  The lasers target specific colors, therefore there is no damage done to the surrounding skin.  Having soft, smooth, beach ready skin isn’t something that needs to involve pricey razorblades or embarrassing waxing sessions.  Investing in laser hair removal Dallas sessions for a few weeks  could leave you hair-free for the rest of your life!

Laser Hair Removal Lasts
Other depilatory methods are costly in both time and money, and leave you with temporary (if any!) results.  Laser hair removal is precise and is a near guarantee of lasting results.  It’s not one of the most common and sought after cosmetic procedures for nothing!  On average, users see a 70-80% decrease in regrowth with no long-term side effects.  A huge difference from waxing, plucking, threading, sugaring, electrolysis or any other method to date.

Laser Hair Removal More Effective
Increasing rapidly in popularity, this method of hair removal is quickly becoming an alternative to messy and painful waxing.  Hair growth is significantly less in a much shorter amount of time, without the hassle!  A vast amount of reputable plastic surgeons agree, laser hair removal is a fantastic option for non-invasive fast-acting results.  Clients are also raving about their experiences with this quick and effective treatment.

Based on over 280 reviews on the webs’ most popular cosmetic procedure website, almost 70% of users have seen a dramatic and timely improvement.

Going to a reputable doctor in a professional atmosphere like Medical Aesthetics of North Dallas is the best choice for positive, long-lasting laser hair removal in Dallas.

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