Age, sun exposure and heredity all things we can’t escape.  These are also all factors in the appearance of spider veins. 

Spider veins appear when blood that is circulating through the body gets backed up due to a weak vein valve, most commonly in the legs.  The blood then pools in the vein causing it to become visible.  Fortunately, Sclerotherapy is an easy solution for spider vein removal which will keep your skin young and flawless.

Your first impression is the most lasting, why not make it your absolute best?  Sexy, evenly toned legs are always in style and can be achieved at any age.  50-55% of women in the US struggle with spider veins, but now it’s easier than ever to feel more confident in showing some skin.  Let us show you how we can effectively and subtly enhance your beauty!

Using the clinically proven treatment* called Sclerotherapy, a benign solution is injected into the affected veins.  This causes the spider veins to stick together, in turn sealing them shut and locking out additional blood flow.  Within a couple of weeks, the veins will begin to fade leaving behind just smooth, healthy looking skin – no scarring!

Patients being treated for spider vein removal can expect an 80-90% improvement in the look of their skin over a few months time.  Discomfort is minimal and there is no down time after treatments.  An easy fix for this common and embarrassing infliction, Sclerotherapy has been a trusted treatment for over 150 years.

Spider veins can easily misrepresent our age and health, don’t allow this condition to weigh you down any longer!  Contact us to schedule a consultation, when we can answer any additional questions or concerns you may have about spider vein removal.

*A study conducted at the Tulane Medical School concluded this treatment offers a high success rate with a low occurrence of negative long term side effects.